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Durgod K320

My first 87 keys keyboard Durgod K320 mechanical keyboard review

Durgod K320 mechanical keyboard is my first 87 keys keyboard

Durgod K320


The package color of Durgod K320 is black and blue. It is durable enough to prevent the keyboard from violent transportation. There are only Durgod’s logo and keyboard model on the front, and some specifications on the back. Each side has some information of switches, keyboard unique functions, packaging functions, and so on.

Durgod K320
My first 87 keys keyboard Durgod K320 mechanical keyboard review 11

Open the package and you can see the keyboard. It is fixed with a dust cover and packed in an anti-static bag which not only can stabilize it, but also prevent it from scratching.

The package contains a keyboard, two cables (usb-c to usb-a + usb-c extension cable, and the usb-a cable is attached with a shielding magnetic ring), keycap puller, stickers, and a guide.

I have the white color keyboard, so all the accessories are in white based color. The length of the cable is about 1.5m. Both the length and the softness are appropriate. The keycap puller has its own logo, which is very special. The cable tie is also designed with its own logo.

Durgod K320
Durgod K320

The color of the K320 is available in black and white. The overall size is not large with a sufficient weight. It uses a common narrow frame design, but all details have been done really well. Its own logos make the keyboard looks more vivid.

Durgod K320
Durgod K320
Durgod K320

The keycaps is white and gray PBT keycaps, black fonts. It is the common PBT feel. F1-F7 and some other keys have the multi-function mark which can be used through Fn. The keyboard is non-backlit and has four indicator lights. Above the direction keys, they are big key lock, scr lock, win key lock, and custom configuration indicator lights.

What I have is a silver a switch with a 1.2mm actuation distance. Generally speaking, it is similar to the red switch, and the keys are light and fast.

Durgod K320

The back of the keyboard is also white, with 5 rubber pads, which has a good anti-slip effect. These two flip-up feet support two levels of height adjustment. Type-c interface is in the middle. three cable routing channels can firmly clamp the cables and avoid damage to the interface.

Durgod K320


I mainly play fps games. The 87 keyboard is more convenient for me than the 104. The small keyboard enable me to make my layout of keyboard and mouse more comfortable. The compact keyboard size is also convenient for the moving of the keyboard.

As far as daily use is concerned, the content of this article is edited with this keyboard. Colleagues who use the same keyboard said that there will be accidental touches of the big keys, which did not appear in my own use as I was get used to the silver one before. The overall using experience of the keys is good and comfortable.

In summary, the overall using experience of this keyboard is comfortable. As I always use the 104 keyboard, and was not used to the 87 one when suddenly using it.


Since I went to university, I have been in the peripheral field for more than 5 years. However, I haven’t bought an 87 keyboard. So Durgod K320 is actually the first 87 keyboard I used. And also the first keyboard I used for so long a time without a small keyboard.

In addition, the keyboard has more small functions than similar keyboards, such as two flip-up feet support two height adjustment, the built-in interface and cable routing channels.

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