durgod k320

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod Taurus K320

Durgod Taurus K320

We have the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches on this page. The First cost when we bought this was $99 with Cherry MX browns.

They have other switch options as well .these are black, blue, red, brown, clear, silent black, silent red, speed silver and white that’s a lot .And then they also have different colours.

We got the space grey colour, but they also have white black with RGB lighting grey with white backlight Space Gray and black with blue and grey keycaps.

Different options, much different variety that can pick they have it is just a beautiful keyboard let us look at what we get from the box. Here is the box.

It is straightforward. We have got K 320, and it tells what switch type it is. This is a Cherry MX brown and Space Gray and inside the box.

You can get a little velcro wire management thing. You also get their God logo sticker.

So if you are into stickers, you can get two cables. The first one is a USB C 2 USB cable fairly long.

The second one we have not opened yet because we have no purpose for this kind of cable.

However, this is a USB C to USBC cable. If you have a MacBook, I guess this would be useful for you because it is a USB; see the USB C .

It also comes with an orange wire metal decal puller.We have so many already, so no need to open that either.

It also comes with this extensive, thick manual which I do not know why we would need to read a manual of this length because it is a very straightforward keyboard.

It tells you all the function room stuff, but you can tell that already by looking at the keyboard itself. Half of it is in another language.

We do not need to read this back to the keyboard. We rank this pretty high on our list in our top 10 mechanical keyboards under $100.

Moreover, link it on the card right here. If you want to check that out .also the links of all the products are down in the description box.

Durgod Taurus K320

Moreover, that is because of the feel, the experience and the build quality. Although I do not mind it, I am not a big fan of RGB lighting; it is not a must-have.

Some of the things that I value .in a mechanical keyboard are detachable USB see cable PBT style keycaps.

This friendly, high-quality switch does not ring and has an aluminium backplate or aluminium build.

It has to be sturdy and durable, and then the typing it needs to sound sake, and that makes sense.

He is a sound right, and it needs to feel like it is not hurting my joints or hurting my ears .

so with that said, this is a great mechanical keyboard look at the back on the back. we have a slightly recessed cutout area here .

Inside there, that is where the USBC cable goes in now. This is probably one of the main problems that I have with this keyboard because the USBC cable here .

On the sides has these little side things that stick out.They designed it like this to fit and plug into that hole that also matches that same pattern .

One problem with this is that not every USBC cable will fit in that hole and then plug into that port.

We tried multiple like our Razer USB-C cable does not fit in there. Our HyperX USB-C cable does not fit in there. The drop one does, fortunately, and then once you can get that in there.

So let us say you use this USB-C cable because it came with your can route. It is either up or to the left or the right.

However, I have problems with this routing system as well. If I route it to my left, which is what I usually do .And then I pick up my keyboard.

It will fall right out of that little tunnel that’s dugout for it.So if your keyboard is not moving very often, if it stays still on your desk,then that is no problem.

If you are using the USBC cable that it came with, that is no problem either in the back. We have two kickstands here, and they are dual angle.

The first angle is very short, and the second one is right there, which is a little taller, so convenient that it naturally already has an inclined angle.

So if you want the back to be even higher, you can do that. One thing about doing that is that the routing is not going to stay in place.

If that’s something that you care about, we have one two three four we have five rubber feet on the back.

It does not slip. I have not had any problems with it slipping. The case, as you can see, is pretty much All plastic.

It has that aluminium backplates pretty sturdy, no flex at all, and compact enough where one of my hands can hold it no problem.

I have small hands, so these are PBT keycaps for the front of the keyboard. Almost all of the styles are PBT keycaps .

This one has no RGB in which I do not have a problem with. With that so it does not accumulate any Grymes or oils. They are pretty smooth and not textured.

It has a standard layout. So you can change out the keycaps to whatever you want to if you are interested in seeing a video where we talk about some different keycap styles.

I will link one right here on the front right.

There is another review of Durgod Taurus K320 here if you want more in detail.

We have this very subtle branding right there.It just says straightforward indicator lights are on top of the arrow cluster.

If we look at the legends, they are straightforward, and I have no complaints about it having a Windows lock, as you can see right here.

You’ll press FN, and the windows key to use windows lock, then at that top function row right there, you see the secondary media functions on the side print .

Pretty convenient and also really clean on the way that the legends are printed I do not have any complaints about it at all. The stabilizers feel good.

They are probably some of the best feeling stabilizers out of the box that I felt were just a quick test, and then we will do an in-depth, thorough typing test at the end of the video and then the switch.

Durgod Taurus K320

As you can hear just from a preliminary, I am enjoying the review so far if you do smash that thumbs up button. Subscribe for more videos just like this one.

The switches are pretty .they slide a little bit and have a rough feel to them on the way down and back up; however, that bump is very smooth.

The tactile bump you feel is unlike the control where you hit that bump and feel it going up.Someone can even say, but mushy, not enough bump.

I enjoy the mushy lack of a bump, and it depends on the person.

However, Cherry MX browns are not super intense on their tactile bump. Will link to a chart below where input Club has all the statistics and information about cherry MX browns.

You can compare them to other switches if you want. They are rated to be pressed as much as 80 million times which is a ton of key presses.

I doubt anybody will get there, and I believe it can record macros, although I have not tried that yet.

You can download the Durga Zeus engine software from Durga comm, and it can set up macros and customize other functions within the software .

Let’s fill all the keys except the FM.FM keys are programmable.

You can modify or edit macros profiles and even the windows lock function; you can read all the manual links to the software below.

I believe I did download it, and it was straightforward to use. It looks straightforward. Since I do not do many macro things on my keyboard but just.

So you know that it is there, and it is straightforward to use if you get the RGB lighting, that would be more beneficial.

So you can edit some of the colours and things like that. This one is straightforward.

It is a very high-quality mechanical keyboard that’s tenkeyless and costs about a hundred dollars.

When we bought it, prices may change depending on what switch types you get and designs everything like that .

All subject to change. However, it is still going to have PBT keycaps a detachable USBC cable Cherry MX which is different cables.

The routing system dual-angle adjustable kickstand high-quality build and an excellent typing feel if you are into that. I hope you guys enjoyed this review.

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