Durgod k310, Examen du clavier

Test de départ du clavier DURGOD RGB : Ce clavier est indispensable si vous souhaitez un bureau E-sport scientifique et technologique


When it comes to mechanical keyboards, RGB is always an essential element. If the mechanical keyboard is based on light, it is basically matte, monochromatic and RGB light. The mechanical keyboard with RGB light is cooler and easier to match with the overall desktop layout.

As a loyal fan of DURGOD keyboards, after using a variety of DURGOD keyboards, I finally got a DURGOD RGB keyboard: DURGOD K310-RGB-NS version. So, the following, let’s share what the allures of RGB keyboards are!

Appearance| RGB style is super cool, split wire

Let’s look at the appearance design of this DURGOD keyboard K310 – RGB-NS (after this referred to as DURGOD RGB keyboard).


I prefer the 104 key full keyboard for desktop and notebook use, which is faster with the keypad. However, as you can see from the packing box, the size of the full keyboard is also relatively long.


On the side, there is some information about the DURGOD RGB keyboard; The word cherry is believed to be very familiar to keyboard players. It adopts cherry’s original shaft.


Packing list: DURGOD RGB keyboard, connecting wire * 2, key puller, manual, and custom coasters are included.


Someone may ask, why are there two connecting wires? Of course, it is not backup, but because one of the two wires is USB-A to C and the other is USB-C to C, which can be applied to most desktops and notebooks for users’ convenience.

The wire material of the DURGOD RGB keyboard is of high quality, and the materials used are worthy of recognition.


Due to the split design of the keyboard and wire, the first impression is that the appearance is very simple. In addition, the basic black tone is simple and generous.


Look at the details. Everyone will know why I insist on using DURGOD’s keyboard. DURGOD’s keyboard has two biggest features: appearance and workmanship; Many of DURGOD’s keyboards are excellent in appearance, especially the retro keyboard series; The workmanship has always been proud. As can be seen from this DURGOD keyboard, there are micro frosted designs on the key-cap and keyboard; The details, including painting, are really great, and the keyboard’s feel is excellent.


The original high two-colour PBT key-caps have amazing hand feeling and are suitable for long-term use.


In the lower right corner of the keyboard, DURGOD’s brand name DURGOD is designed.


Viewed from the side, the side handling of the DURGOD RGB keyboard is meticulous, and the specially designed angle makes it more comfortable to put your hands on the keyboard.


The back of the DURGOD RGB keyboard is shining with metallic lustre; to ensure keyboard placement stability, five silicone pads are designed; Moreover, the texture on the back and the groove design have corresponding functions. The groove is mainly used to place the wire, and the wire can be fixed according to the different use environments.


The keyboard uses a Type-C connector to power the keyboard.


The support frame can support the keyboard and mainly choose whether to use it according to the user’s habits.


I chose the DURGOD RGB keyboard with a silver axis because of the built-in RGB light element and the transparent design of the shaft body.


The key cap has good light transmittance, which can show the inner light on the keyboard’s surface.


When connected to a PC, there will be a unique sense of achievement when the RGB light is lit.


The RGB lighting is always an indispensable element for E-sports and desktop creation. Various lights can create a sci-fi and dreamy environmental atmosphere, which makes many game players, desktop players, and PC players indulge in it.


The lighting of the DURGOD RGB keyboard has high brightness and strong transparency, which is really great.

That’s it for the design of the DURGOD RGB keyboard. In fact, for players, I recommend starting with a mechanical keyboard. This RGB lighting effect keyboard is more beautiful and more conducive to creating the overall desktop atmosphere.

Use| Ultra-multiple lighting effects & fully customization effects; Silent silver shaft & high-quality hand-feel.

First of all, most people play RGB keyboards and will consider the effect of light. The DURGOD RGB keyboard is the same, which can easily customize the lighting effect.


The software adaptation of the DURGOD RGB keyboard is relatively powerful, and it supports the customization of a single key. I believe that many programmers will like this feature very much.

You can also choose to ban some keyboard combinations to avoid accidentally quitting the game during the game, such as switching windows, quick closing, etc.


In addition, it is the lighting effect. It can be seen that the effect of light supports many modes and also supports a variety of custom adjustments such as color, brightness and speed. Of course, it also supports turning off lights and selecting a normal mode or nebula mode.

Therefore, it can almost completely customize the design to meet the needs of more users.

Let’s take a look at the actual use of lighting effects.

Key-press rate response mode

This mode is very interesting. The light turns on every time you click the keyboard.


Color cycle mode:

Single color lights switch back and forth in a circular manner.


Wave mode:

The RGB lights circulate in the form of waves, which is very cool.


Of course, RGB lighting is just one of the selling points of mechanical keyboards.


Like me, I have to type thousands of words or even tens of thousands of words every day, the silver shaft is more suitable. After using the DURGOD RGB keyboard with silver shaft, I no longer use the original red shaft. This rare shaft really feels good.

Summary |RNG keyboard is worth buying for novices, overall outstanding

Returning to the beginning of the article, friends who are familiar with DURGOD will definitely like DURGOD’s overall appearance design very much. There are several models of DURGOD, and the appearance is particularly recognizable. But, the appearance of this DURGOD RGB keyboard is more orthodox, the color matching is more traditional, and some poor color designs are not boldly adopted.

Despite all this, in terms of hand feel, lighting and software adaptation, DURGOD RGB keyboard is definitely a very excellent product.It is especially suitable for people who type for a long time. Once used to the feel of silver shaft, it is difficult to get used to the keyboard with high pressure and long key range. This product is more comfortable and labor-saving. It is worth recommending!

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