Revisión del teclado, Durgod K320

Durgod k320: una breve reseña sobre la experiencia de uso


Durgod k320

Durgod k320 is a better choice for you if  you are looking for a cost-effective mechanical keyboard. You will never know its tying feelings if you don’t try Durgod k320. You won’t feel the difference brands of each mechanical keyboards.

When many friends started to learn mechanical keyboards for the first time, they were easily dissipated by the keyboards’ price ranging from ten to hundreds of dollars. Today, I decided to recommend Durgod K320 to everyone which has an appropriate price and a good tying feeling.

Durgod k320

Please note that all user experience evaluations of this product are based on the price level.

Durgod k320

The product package is in the same blue and black color of Durgod. K320 is marked on the lower left corner. The keyboard is packed in a dust bag with a dust cover. The accessories includes a keycap puller,a USB A to USB C cable and USB C to USB C cable, and a user guide.

Durgod k320

I have the white and gray version which looks simple and elegant

The keyboard adopts a semi-suspended design, using white and gray double-shot PBT keycaps. The white version has a skin-like texture. The connection of the keycaps also forms a perfect arc. This design is officially called OEM highly stepped keycaps, which is both convenient for daily use and also have a good looking. It has to say Durgod keyboard has a truly good looking.

keyboard switches inside

Remove the keycap, you can see the switches inside. The whole keyboard uses the cherry MX. The one I got here is the brown one. Durgod keyboard is always one of the best for the tying feeling. The 2mm keystroke has a crisp feedback sound every time it falls, and the whole key has no impact.

The highly favorable reviews of Durgod is the big key feedback.

Durgod k320

Many same level mechanical keyboards more or less have some big keys problems, such as loose keys, heavy spring sounds, slowly feedback, and so on. However, you can give 100% trust to Durgod. The satellite switch design makes it easy to replace the keycaps and enjoy the DIY fun.

Durgod k320

On the back, the smooth and powerful lines of the keyboard can be seen on the white back shell. The type-c interface is in the middle, with two cable routines channels on both sides.. The left and right corners are two flip-up feet. The three-way cable routing design solves many users’ cable problems and make the desktop simple.

Durgod k320

After the appearance, let’s talk about the functions.

keyboard driver

Through Durgod’s Zeus driver software, you can edit the macro settings of the keyboard except FN key. The one I have is non-backlit version which do not support light settings. The standard 32-bit ARM master chip is up to 1000hz which can help users easily deal with all kinds of excuses in work and games. Because of the built-in memory, it can still be used even if the keyboard is out of driven. It is indeed convenient and fast

Its built-in various shortcut keys are undoubtedly the icing on the cake to the strength of the product. You can adjust the volume without moving the mouse, and even one-key mute. I believe many friends will love it.

Durgod k320

If I were to make a summary of the Durgod k320, I would say that this is my only recommendation in the entry-level mechanical keyboard. In terms of the typing feel , there is no rival at the same pricing level. The excellent switches bring excellent tying feeling. Stable large key performance enable the entire keyboard do not have too much shaking and extra noise when typing. In my opinion, I can’t find any reason why don’t recommend it.

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