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Durgod Fusion: a Mechanical Keyboard Celebrating 80’s Design

Durgod Fusion

Do you remember what your first game console looked like? NES is the classic gaming console that bestowed on us timeless childhood memories. The classic machine had a raised top panel and an iconic grooved plastic body. Every gamer who has owned an NES will never forget the wonderful time spent in front of that console enjoying their childhood games.

Durgod Fusion
Durgod Fusion: a Mechanical Keyboard Celebrating 80's Design 21

Retro Design

Durgod Fusion
Although is it becoming harder and harder to find any retro equipment nowadays, our team was encouraged create a product to bring back those memories, as a result DURGOD FUSION was created.A retro keyboard fused with modern technology, with all the functions you are familiar with and also a variety of connection methods. Whether it is Windows, Mac OS, mobile phones, wired, wireless or even Bluetooth, it can easily be connect. In order to for the keyboard to fit into different scenarios, we have designed it into a compact size and can be easily carried around.Retro color matching will definitely remind you of your happy childhood! FUSION will have 3 different styles: original, STEAM and NAVIGATION.

Durgod Fusion

Underneath the aged-look plastics, you’ll find all the connectivity you’ve come to expect in the modern age. Whether it is Windows, Mac OS, mobile phones, wired, wireless or even Bluetooth, Durgod Fusion connects to all your modern gadgetry.

Underneath the aged-look plastics, you’ll find all the connectivity you’ve come to expect in the modern age. Whether it is Windows, Mac OS, mobile phones, wired, wireless or even Bluetooth, Durgod Fusion connects to all your modern gadgetry.

Durgod Fusion

Compact and Portable

Durgod Fusion

At just 14 inches it’s easy to take on the go, in your backpack, or if you’re really going retro, in your briefcase. We didn’t want any of today’s modern tech to ruin the vintage feel, so we’ve hidden the wireless USB dongle in a magnetic compartment underneath the logo.

Typing Experience

Durgod Fusion

Every key stroke is comfortable, consistent and responsive. We achieved this level of typing experience by using authentic CHERRY MX switches and high-quality keycaps for our Keyboard design.

Precise and Responsive Switches

Durgod Fusion

FUSION uses CHERRY MX switches, the leader in key switch technology. Cherry MX switches offer unparalleled precision, fine-tuned tactile and audible feedback as well as linear feel. Cherry MX switches are the industry’s gold standard with great reliability and high performance for fast typing and competitive gaming. The responsive keycaps allow even novice users to feel like advanced players.

Choose Your Switches

Customize your FUSION with the perfect cherry MX switches, you can choose your perfect level of click as the FUSION keyboard will be available with 7 different switches.

Durgod Fusion

The keycaps are made from PBT plastic with double-shot legends and fully enclosed letters that will last for years to come.

3 Types of Connectivity

FUSION is more than your ordinary keyboard. It allows you to use the keyboard in three different ways through its diverse connectivity options. You can connect the keyboard to your phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop via 3 modes of connectivity:

Durgod Fusion

Wired USB-C/A or USB-C/C connection

Durgod Fusion

Isn’t that convenient? No wires, no fuss. Just your device with your very own FUSION keyboard. This high-tech retro keyboard will impress those around you as an old school keyboard equipped with flashy functionality.

Compatible with Windows/iOS/Android

Durgod Fusion

FUSION is a user-friendly keyboard that’s compatible with most smart devices on the market. Bluetooth connection supports Windows (8 and above), iOS and Android while 2.4GHz connection supports Windows (XP and above), iOS and Android as well. Simply choose the connection that suits you best.

Long-lasting Battery

Durgod Fusion

Through multiple experiments, we’ve implemented a low-energy consumption solution in our retro Keyboard to ensure long-lasting battery life. With a full charge, the Keyboard’s battery can last between 20-40 days using the wireless connection mode (battery life will vary due to environmental and computing conditions).

Fusion Keyboard Is A Creative Tool For Those Who Type And Write

Durgod Fusion

The funky retro design is an homage to an era when grey plastics were romantic, but first and foremost, DURGOD FUSION is a creative tool. By letting you customize it and giving you the best possible performance from a keyboard we want to enable you to do your best creative work. Whether its writing kick-ass code, writing lyrics or editing videos, FUSION enables your creative with every satisfying click.

Keyboard Specifications:

Durgod Fusion

Size:  12.4 * 5.3 * 1.7INCH / 316 * 134 * 45MM

Weight: About 1KG

Keycap: DURGOD PBT CHERRY profile Double-Shot keycaps

CHERRY MX keyswitch type: Black / Blue / Red / Brown / Speed Silver / Silent Black / Slient Red

Connection method: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4GHz wireless/USB-C wired connection

Bluetooth supports: Win8 system and above, iOS , and android

2.4GHz Wireless supports: Win XP and above, iOS, and android system

Mode: Multimedia function keys, key combinations

Driver software: Support DURGOD Zeus Engine software, macro button function

Onboard storage: Support

Return rate: 1000HZ

Color Scheme Close-up

DURGOD FUSION comes in three color schemes, inspired by different iconic industrial design styles from the ’80s.

Gray/White/Orange three-color keycap is named “ORIGINAL”, and the keyboard composed of Gray/Black/Red three-color keycaps named “STEAM”, the keyboard in Blue/White/Yellow is named “NAVIGATOR”.

Durgod Fusion

Design Process

When we first set out on our design journey, our main challenge was to get the bulky angular aesthetic of retro gear into a compact form factor. We’ve elevated the rear side of the keyboard to give it that boxy look, without actually adding unnecessary bulk.

We looked to the Commodore 64 for inspiration, taking the elevated rear side and translating it into something that gives you that same feeling, while keeping it portable. The way we did ended up solving this engineering challenge is by elevating the rear end on collapsible legs. This way that bit of oomph at the end can be collapsed on the go, and diagonal lines on the side were added for forced perspective.

Where the C-64 has its logo, we’ve added ours, but its also a hidden magnetic compartment to store the wireless dongle. Status LEDs on the right match the original location of the C-64, we designed this in a way that hopefully gives people who remember the original a sense of subtle recognition.

Durgod Fusion

Creating three different styles for this keyboard has been a major manufacturing challenge because they all come with custom keycaps, but our amazing factory has managed to create a reliable product that’s made to last. In fact, every keyboard gets completely tested and every key gets a gentle tap to verify that everything is in tip-top shape before it leaves the factory.

Durgod Fusion

DURGOD was established in 2016 in Asia’s Greater Bay Area. We have an R&D facility in Shenzhen, the silicon valley of hardware, which is where our team of engineers and designers are always working on the next big thing.

Our vision is to build an integrated ecosystem of products and services with our experienced multi-disciplinary team. You backing our Kickstarter gets us one step closer to our goal, because you, our users are the most important part of our work.

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  1. Bill says:

    I love the look of the original Durgod Fusion keyboards. Is a full-sized, 104-key variant going to be available sometime?

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